TCMP Podcast – Doctor David Myers DDS and the coolest office you have ever seen!

This weeks podcast is out, and the guest was Doctor David Myers DDS Orthodontist… Yes, Rob interviews a dentist. Now before you tune out and think he has lost it, check out the office Dr Myers has created and I think you will agree it is the coolest place EVER to get your teeth looked at. This office has been gaining national and international attention for being the only known Hot Rod Orthodontics office. This place features a 1959 Caddie, 1956 Oldsmobile, and a 1946 Ford as a front desk. The “work bays” seem straight out of a Sinclair station and you expect a waitress on roller skates to come by at any minute.

While I cannot help raving about this office, I will just let you know that Rob and Dr Dave do a verbal walk through and history of how this place came to be. The Muscle Car Place show notes has some extra links to more pictures so you can follow along as they describe in detail what is there and how it came to be.…d-myers-dds-ms djm_office_3