Tmcp #223 The Chevelle Gets A Chassis Dyno Tune At Karl Performance!


In this episode of the podcast show, I got the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do: cover a full chassis dyno tune from start to finish! Even better was that I got the chance to see it happen on my very own ’64 Chevelle! To top it off, I got to take it to the place that assembled the engine in the first place, Karl Performance in Ankeny, IA.
Karl Performance is my favorite local speed shop and they installed a resizable four wheel Dynaflow booth when they built their facility just a few years ago. In addition to being super cool, it is the only all-wheel-drive dyno in Iowa! It’s been in near constant use ever since and is just as popular with the muscle car crowd as it is with the truck and import crowd.

The Chevelle gets a dyno tune