Tmcp #244 Jeff Vanburen On Going From Irreplaceable To Easily Replaceable



This weeks interview is with racer, builder, and long time show listener Jeff VanBuren. Jeff got the bug for autocross racing and at one time he actually investigated buying Mark Stielow’s Camaro, the famous Red Witch, that at the time was selling for around $40,000. He then started looking for a Camaro to build in the style of that car and go racing. After a couple years he had built up his own ’67 Camaro. Unfortunately he had built the car so nicely that he felt uncomfortable driving it at the race track for fear of damaging it in an accident…
He still had a huge desire to chase his speed thrills however, and the OPTIMA Search For The Ultimate Street Car Series new GTL “light” (under 3200 lbs.) class was just the place to do it. He sold the Camaro and purchased a Mazda Miata….with plans to put an LS engine in, a beefy transmission, and a Cadillac CTS rear end.
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