TMCP Al Richards: The Inside Story of Campaigning his Independent ’67 Camaro

ALRichards_TransAm_Camaro_Sebring-1969This weeks interview is a blast from the past with amazing insight and history on the 60’s and 70’s road racing scene, all from podcast show listener Al Richards. Al has been a long time listener of the show and contacted me a few weeks ago to share his experience of campaigning a ’67 Camaro as an Independent team during the late 1960’s in the Trans Am Series. He’d raced successfully for a few seasons, ran with names like Gurney and Posey, knew how people got creative with the rule book (acid dipped bodies, etc.), and had some great stories to share. Even better, I learned that he’s 72 years young Canadian and was interested in coming onto the show to tell his story in person. Sounds like a podcast-show match made in heaven, right?

You are going to have to check it out to learn more!