Tmcp: Sponsorship Fastlane Is Finally Here….and The Chevelle Will Be Soon!

Chevelle_Wiring_ContinuesI thought I would put out a little bonus (i.e. “short”) podcast segment this week to give a little status update on the Chevelle, and also my new course Sponsorship Fastlane. If you’ve been following the Chevelle saga at all you know that at the time it went to SEMA it was show presentable….but not yet drivable. I spent the week in New Mexico at Allison Customs with the hopes of getting the car running and ready to bring home, and this show recording was made just before my trip out there.

Bringing the Chevelle to fruition has been a whirlwind of miracles and effort, but without significant sponsorship (and a commitment to complete the car) it never would have made it this far. As a result of that whole experience, I’ve created a new online course called Sponsorship Fastlane where I’ll be teaching the techniques I used to go about it. You can check out more about the course via SPONSORSHIPFASTLANE.COM and you can hear about it in this weeks podcast!

Check it out:…e-will-be-soon