TMI Products Releases New 60″ Deluxe Bench Seat

Corona, CA: TMI Products INC is announcing the release of the 60” Deluxe Bench Seat, an all-new design that took over two years of development. It is a combination of the best qualities of a bench seat, mixed with the comfort and functionality of bucket seats with a center console and a storage area.

“The New Deluxe Bench Seat has the best of both worlds, bucket seats in a bench layout with form and function. The classic bucket seat styling combined with a nice and wide armrest with two cup holders, integrated storage, with the addition of a third seat, what more could you ask for? It’s truly a Deluxe Bench Seat.” Says Ross Berlanga, Marketing Director at TMI.

Developed as an entirely new product that does not share any designs with any existing TMI bench seat, the inspiration for the Deluxe Bench was in response to requests made by customers for a bench seat that had all of the functionality, comfort, and storage of a pair of bucket seats with a console. TMI is directly responding to customer requests and developed a product that would fit their needs. The result was a seat option that had all the nostalgia of a bench they remembered from classic vehicles, with all the features that modern buckets offer.

“You get the best of both worlds with one seat choice! The 60” Deluxe Bench has the luxury of bolstered bucket-style seats with the added features of two cup holders and storage, and with one quick flip it turns into a three-person bench seat!” says Jimmy Pearce, Senior Sales Manager at TMI.

The 60” Deluxe Bench will be available for purchase on 7/8/2021 and can be ordered directly through TMI starting at an MSRP of $3298.98. For more information, and to see the differences in patterns and colors, visit

For over 39 years, the specialty at TMI has been to produce high-quality interior components for customers looking to add style and comfort to their vintage vehicle restoration, hot-rod, or restomod, and has since expanded to newer performance models.  TMI differentiates itself from competitors by not only offering complete interior components with the “Interior in a Box” innovation but offering a long list of customization options to meet every need or request of the customer. The range of products that TMI offers can suit any level of a project from restoring a vehicle back to the original specs, to building a full-on custom.