TMI Product’s TRIM Awards at SEMA 2022

Are you building a car that’s heading to SEMA? Then you’ll want to read and enter TMI Product’s TRIM Awards! Even if your SEMA build doesn’t have a TMI interior, you can enter and still have a chance to win the grand prize. If you’re just heading to SEMA but not with a build you’ll want to swing by their booth on Wednesday at 12PM to watch the winners get crowned.

TMI Products Trim Awards Press Release

SEMA 2022 is upon us and once again we are making the pilgrimage to the Las Vegas Convention Center to walk amongst all the innovative companies that make the automotive industry the juggernaut that it is. TMI Products will be among the many booths showing off the interior products that make them a leader in the industry but want to take it one step further and recognize the builders that have created one-of-a-kind vehicles with the TRIM Awards.

The TRIM Awards is a highlight of all the incredible vehicle builds that will be at SEMA 2022 and will be focusing on the interiors. The cars, trucks, SUVs, and wagons that grace the floors and booths of that cavern of steel and concrete are built to the utmost precision and feature the best that the aftermarket manufacturers have to offer. These vehicles are equipped with the latest parts to make their engines go faster, suspensions perform better, body panels appear straighter, and interiors shine brighter.

TMI is the leader in creating complete interior components that are ready to install and wants to recognize all the hard work that these builders have put forth in building these visual masterpieces. The SEMA show is known for having the best of the best vehicles on display, and their choices for interiors are something to behold. A finely appointed vehicle can truly be elevated if the interior is on par with the rest of the vehicle.

Since SEMA is a collection of the best vehicles that the automotive community can offer, TMI wanted to recognize the best of those vehicles and what the owners chose for their interior. The TRIM Awards were created to recognize the forethought that it took to not only create a finely crafted custom vehicle but to incorporate the interior into that design. Since the TRIM Awards will be given outlive at SEMA 2022, only the most detailed and creative interior installs will be considered.

The awards themselves are designed to not only honor the achievement of the winner but to do so in a very public way. Too often, awards are crafted in an unrecognizable shape from a material that is hard to decipher from far away. TMI wanted the TRIM Awards to be clearly visible when the winners display it at their house or garage and be able to easily hoist it up in the air to show how excited the winner is. The awards were also a way to get a group of like-minded vehicle builders into the same area and let them share in their achievements both out on floor of the convention center and up on stage. But it’s not just an award that our winners will be getting, each individual category winner will receive $500 voucher, and our Best of Show Champion will receive a certificate for a complete interior for their next build (value of $8,000) that can be used to purchase TMI interior products for a future build.

Giving out the awards will be a panel of insiders from the aftermarket industry including the TRIM Awards Host Kevin Oeste of V8 Speed & Resto Shop as well as being the voice of SEMA 2022. Veteran from the publishing industry with Sean Holman who is the Content Director of the Truck and Off-Road Group at Motor Trend and the co-host of The Truck Show Podcast. Sara Morosan, the 2021 SEMA Person of the year, multi-Ford Design award winner and co owner of LGE/CTS Motorsports. Theresa Contreras, PPG Brand ambassador, Multi Ford Design award winner and co-owner of LGE/CTS Motorsports. Last but not least, we have the custom automotive video team of Marcel Venable and Jason Mulligan who are the co-owners of Auto Revolution on Amazon Prime.

To enter your vehicle, you first need to have a vehicle on display at SEMA 2022. The awards will be given away on stage in the TMI Booth during the week of SEMA at the TMI booth, located in the Central Hall, booth #24477, at 12:00PM on Wednesday. In order to accept your trophy, you need to be present during the awards ceremony. That way you can get up on stage and proudly hold up your award proving you beat out literally everyone else displaying a vehicle.

TRIM Awards Categories include:

  • 1. Best Car –Open to any car that features TMI seats
  • 2. Best Truck –Open to any truck that features TMI seats
  • 3. Best SUV or Wagon –Open to any SUV or wagon, either two-door or four-door that features TMI seats
  • 4. Best Full Interior –Open to any vehicle of any type that is running a full interior. A full interior includes all the available components from that model line
  • 5. Most Creative –Best usage of patterns, colors, and overall execution
  • 6. Best Color-Matching –Best usage of patterns, colors, and stitching that matches vehicle exterior
  • 7. Best Custom Car Interior (open to all Cars at the show) –Can be any vehicle with any type of custom interior
  • 8. Best Custom Truck Interior (open to all Trucks at the show) –Can be any vehicle with any type of custom interior
  • 9. Fan Favorite (Chosen on Social Media) –Finalists that the TRIM Award Judges have chosen will be displayed on the TMI Social Media channels (Facebook and Instagram), voted in by audience
  • 10. Best of Show Champion –Judges will vote on their favorite TMI-equipped vehicle of SEMA 2022 and crown it with the TRIM Award’s highest honor

Click Here To Enter TMI TRIM Awards 2022


All vehicles must be registered and at the 2022 SEMA Show and registered with TMI so that the TRIM panel of judges can find your vehicle for the competition.

Judging for the TRIM (SEMA) Awards will begin Tuesday afternoon November 1st with the announcement from TMI’s SEMA booth of the top 16 vehicles

Competitors are encouraged to register online to let judges know where to find their vehicles.

The crowning of the inaugural TRIM Champion will take place on November 2nd at TMI Products SEMA booth #24477, 12:00 noon PST.