UMI Performance Cruise In and Autocross 2017

UMI Performance Cruise-In and Autocross 2017

The 2017 UMI Performance Cruise-In and Autocross was a huge success! While not the first year of the car show, it was the first year that they’ve hosted an autocross. With an autocross going on, we knew that we had to be there to cover the action!

The entire weekend was split up nicely into different events. We were afraid that we would have to hop back and forth between locations trying to see all the action, but they had it broken up perfectly. Friday was all day autocross followed by an open house at the UMI Performance factory. Saturday was split up between autocross all day then the car show in the evening at the local bowling alley.

Friday AutoCross Action

We arrived bright and early Friday morning to the local airport, where the autocross was taking place. This airport was a small regional airport but provided beautiful backdrops with lush forests and rolling hills all around. The course itself was set up and run by Autocross Guys, or Mr. Bill Howell. He threw every trick in his book at the course layout, from a dough-nut, slaloms, a big straight away and everything in-between.

The course was long and challenging. The runs for most racers were in the 60-70 second range, double what a normal autocross would be. Most racers got upwards of six runs per day – a lot of racing going on! We heard no complaints from anybody. Even though the course was a challenge to seasoned pros, there were plenty of beginners out there having a blast as well.

The racers showed up from all over the country for this event as well, some driving over 600 miles. We were surprised at some of the big-wigs that showed up to compete. This was a true testament to reputation that UMI Performance has in not only their parts, but their customer service and dedication to the industry and sport as a whole. Plus the racers knew that with Autocross Guys setting up the course, it was going to be one for the books. 

UMI Open House

After the racing stopped on Friday, everybody headed straight to UMI Performance for a big dinner and to talk shop. With the doors wide open, we were able to walk all around and see that everything they make is indeed made right there in their Philipsburg, PA facility. After talking with them we even found out they make sure to source all their raw materials from plants in the USA as well, meaning their Made In The USA claim is as strong as it gets. 

Saturday Cones and Show

Saturday morning we were ready for more action on the course. A few more cars had joined the fun and were out making hot laps with the best of them. The weather started to look like rain and held off for most of the day before finally starting to come down with lightning. This shut down the autocross a few hours early, but didn’t stop the fun. After a quick awards ceremony, everybody headed over to the local bowling alley to hang out. By that point a few hours later the rain was gone and the sun was back out.

At the bowling alley all the autocross folks talked cars and life over some cold beers. The local car show folks started rolling in, bringing in quite an eclectic group of cars. We saw a pro street Opal, square body Chevy, Model A, and any other kind of car you can imagine. For being a smaller town, Philipsburg sure had a ton of car folks with really nice rides tucked away. Towards the end of the show everybody hopped in their rides for a quick trip around downtown Philipsburg. Just about everybody lit up the tires leaving the parking lot! 

At the end of two days we were exhausted but pumped for next years event! Mark your calendars, for the UMI Performance Cruise-In and Autocross 2018 is a go!