Want to be a Supporting Member?

We’ve had several requests for supporting memberships. If you enjoy the site and want to help with the costs, you can become a supporting member!

For a small donation of $25 you’ll receive a one year supporting membership. The membership comes with a custom title, a larger avatar, larger profile pic, more private message space, access to a private supporting member only forum, and you can now have a signature picture. Mainly it’s about helping with the costs of running the site.

If you want to become a supporting member, it’s easy.

1. Click on User CP on the upper left of this page.

2. Scroll down the left side and click on “Paid Subscriptions”.

3. In the box that opens, click on the arrow in the “cost” box. Select $25, and then click “Order”.

4. A box will open with a button to take you to Paypal to make the payment with either your Paypal account or a credit card.