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Originally Posted by jwad355 View Post
I had the third version installed in the forward position and it leaked like a mofo! Got in touch with APT and they admitted there was a problem and sent me the new version IV (they were really good about it even tho I live in Australia) I have now installed the new one (this time in the rear position) Drove for around an hour and had zero leak. I did take photo's to show what the new seal looks like but I lost my phone an easy way to tell is that the new seal is a more square/rectangular shape and it covers the shoulder on the ball, where the other round seal did not. Hope that helps, can't do much more without the pics

Did you see the pictures I posted back in post 16? Here is a closeup reposted of what I believed to be #3's underbelly. Was yours different from this?

WL #3.
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