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Default 4l80e LS Compatabilty Q and Shifter Q

Hello all! Im about to finish rebuilding a 4L80E (did it myself with the help of the ATSG manual) but I came across some info on the sloppy wiki that concerns me a bit. I have an early 4L80E with the cooling ports toward the front. I found this info - "
These early transmission also did not have mounting holes for the manual lever position switch (MLPS) ie. neutral safety switch." - is this going to be an issue with my LS swap?

2nd question - Im a shifter noob. Ive been looking at the B&M and TCI shifters but have no ideas what I should be looking for as far as features are concerned. Im not trying to win drag races but I don't want to go cheap just because Im not trying to win drag races. Id prefer to not have to ratchet shift all the time unless that's a cool feature Im missing out on.

Looking forward to your expertise here. Thanks!

PS I hate xposting this between 2 sites but I generally get more info from here.
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