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Old 01-08-2009, 10:38 PM
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Default racing help

a question... has any body had experience with the mid 70s chevelle chassis, mainly the front end?

I have some room for playing with the rules, but not much. It has to be stock gm spindles and control arms, but not for that frame. I am looking for swaps like camaro spindles and such to improve the geometry.

Any body got some ideas? I run that car on a high bank 1/2 mile asphalt, similar to Bristol. The rear setup is already done with the stock four-link re-engineered to an extreme!

Thanks, Jr

#2 132.jpg

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Old 01-09-2009, 08:48 AM
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Default Sorry For the Book

I don't have any experience with mid 70's Chevelles. I hate to say this with some of these guys around, but we used 68-72 Chevelle front clips. We used stock 68-72 Chevelle lower control arms with adjustable tubular uppers. We used Mid 80's Impala spindles with 12" 5x5 rotors. They are tall spindles. To that we added 68-72 Truck lower ball joints which are taller and will help lower your front roll center. You will have to ream the lower hole in the spindle to do this.

I debated about saying anything about this, but I have to. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but if the chassis in the pictures is the one you are planning on building, PLEASE DON'T. From what I can see in the pictures, it is not safe. There are crushed tubes, lapped joints from where it has been clipped, etc. I don't know how long it has been outside, but if water has gotten inside the cage, it could be rusting from the inside out. The water can also freeze and expand which will initiate cracks.

Besides the issues above, the chassis looks heavy. To me there are bars where bars do not need to be. It just doesn't look refined. Is this going to be a street stock full bodied car or a modified? Based on the safety issues I can see in the pictures, I would recommend finding another safer, more current, refined chassis. Where are you located?

I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I don't want to see anyone get hurt. Safety is #1 in the racing game. I dont' know if money is the reason why you want to use this chassis, but if you can't afford a safe car and the proper safety equipment first, then you can't afford to race. It's that simple. I had some pretty serious wrecks, including rolling and fire and walked away. Safety is #1.

I hope this helps a little bit without causing any trouble. Good Luck!

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