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Default Project "G-Velle", Pro-touring with patina

I've come to like this site over some others. The crowd seems smaller, more focused and of course, way easier going

Some of you may have already seen my project, a 65 Chevelle Mailbu on Team Chevelle (link in my sig). I think my project scope fits a little better here than there. There is a lot of purist/numbers matching guys there, which is fine. Any way, not gonna start from the beginning, but from where I am now. Had all kinds of paint ideas until I heard numbers like $18-20k+, so that's where the "patina" part comes in. Those that have seen it in person say leave it, so for now anyways, it's staying the way it is.

Like many stories elsewhere, the direction has not changed, but has been tweaked here and there. Trying to stay the course that I originally set out with, so far so good.
Some project goals:
-Have a reliable, daily driver that can be driven anywhere and knock down 20+mpg
-Have a nostalgic look with more modern performance
-Be able to be flogged on an autocross course and smaller roadcourses

Some highlights so far:
-picked up a 64k mile 65 Malibu, grandpa gold (Sierra Tan) with a white top, 194 inline and a powerglide. Craigslist find that was in NJ.
-Notch rear framerails and box main rails of frame for wider tires and more torsional stiffness.
-Minitub rear, +2" per side
-Source a LS1 and T56, bought a buddy's WS6 T/A and parted it out for that
-All new front and rear suspension, ABC Performance front lowers and rear uppers and lowers
-Ridetech Triple Adjustables around
-Rick's tank, Holley billet fuel pump
-DTS 9" ford, Truetrac, 31 spline, 3.70, -3" width
-Dynotech 3.5" aluminum prop shaft
-245/40-18 Fronts on 8.5" Forgeline RB3C's
-295/35-18 Rears on 10.5" Forgeline RB3c's

There are lots of other details of course, those are the bigger ones. So I hope someone finds something they like. I'm pretty excited about it. I have an approaching goal to have it going by: Motorstate Challenge here in MI...countdown today says 42 days

I'll start where it is today, then add some pics along the build. If you want to see the whole story, head over to TC.
Pics, took this the other night:

Here is what it looked like before I blew it back apart to nut and bolt everything:

Some of the motor/trans (basic LS1 rebuild, small cam, intake, Holley HP)

Some more of it on the chassis:

Sitting a bit high, but I'll take care of that

I'll post up some pics of parts that I made next.
Let me know what you guys think!
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