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Old 07-08-2012, 02:21 AM
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About 5.5 years ago I saw 217 lbs. on the scale, looked in the mirror and said enough! My off-road racing weight in '84 at the age of 26 at 5'-11" was 172 lbs. Initially I started on my own version of the Atkin's Diet since I like protein it was pretty easy to drop 25 lbs quickly. At the end of a year I had dropped 40 lbs.

Running doesn't work for me due to a lower back injury when I was 18 so I walk 15-25 miles a week on natural terrain every morning and do a fast 20 minute weight workout at lunch that is basically non-stop crunches, leg press, lat pull downs, chest press, triceps, biceps, and side bends for a total of 450-500 reps.

The biggest change involved shrinking my stomach, I cut my food volume down at least 50%. I nibble on select healthier snack food all through the day and never eat a large meal. Breakfast is a NutraGrain Oat & Honey 2 bar pack and maybe some yogurt, lunch is a 12 oz. cup of soup or a scoop of tuna sandwich mix and a scoop of cottage cheese. Dinner involves some sort of protein and vegitable. Last Friday I saw 170.8 on the scale.

I look at food like I look at fuel for my motors, reasonable quality and properly metered amounts for the activity level. Eating meals is not an event for me, it's a maintenance procedure. In humor - Most people have small block bodies and their mouth feeds their motor like a Pro-Stock carb and in some cases one with a stuck float.

Everyone's motor is different so you need to experiment with what food and activity works for your body and lifestyle. Your self-esteem, energy level, and an accurate scale and good mirror are good motivators.

Just Do It, you won't regret it.
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