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Old 03-25-2018, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by onelapduster View Post
Sitting here deployed on my day off, found this thread and read through it. Outstanding work. I grew up in the back seat of a 72 Chevelle, so seeing your car come together brought back some memories.
Thank you sir!
70 velle' on custom chassis w/custom RideTech coilovers, RED sleeved 434 with Mamo 265s, built T56, 12 bolt 3:73, wilwood 6/4's, bla, bla, bla...build. thread https://lateral-g.net/forums/showthread.php4?t=39631
New 434 engine build here https://ls1tech.com/forums/generatio...ved-block.html

Thanks Dad!!

My Chevelle is old school... It has a belt driven power steering pump.
They're 17's, but I keep em clean!
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Old 03-26-2018, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Che70velle View Post
Well Marcus...it’s stout. So stout that the clutch didn’t want to stick around for the encore. I have the engine so close to the firewall, that it all has to come out to get the bellhousing off. No big deal right? After all, I own a killer set of tools, and have a shop to goof off in. I bought an RPS BC2, so I’m covered there.
But wait...there’s more. The corvette fuel pressure regulator won’t work with a really big pump, like my 450 that I installed for this engine. Of course I had no idea it wouldn’t work with big pressure/volume! It was perfect for my previous pump, which was a 255. I had this incredible idle surge at startup, which we eventually tuned out. Thought it was timing mostly. Well after a couple weeks I decided to put a gauge on my rail, you know, just for giggles. 75 lbs of fuel pressure later, I realized what my idle surge was from. This combined with 3 sets of fouled plugs, the first set which was fuel. 2nd and 3rd set I thought was fuel as well, was actually oil. The fuel pressure issue probably washed the cylinders down to the point of hurting my rings. Not really sure yet until we dig back in. Got to mess with it for about 40 miles. First drive out, it would spin the tires in 4th gear. It’s stupid stout. Tony Mamo without a doubt builds the best ls7 package out there. I’ve alread got new head gaskets from Tony, and I’m just waiting to get my nephews silveraydo out of the shop that I’m putting a 6liter in that I just finished. All this on top of work, and I’ve been a busy boy.
Besides all of that, everything is great. Lol!

Sweet deal Scott. They all have to have the wrinkles ironed out at first. But, boy oh boy...when they do get ironed out, that's when the big time fun begins.
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Old 03-26-2018, 04:18 PM
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My experience with the Corvette fuel pressure regulator / filter is about the same as yours Scott. They are fine for stock or nearly stock setups but can become a limitation in a hurry if you start changing things.
I build my own junk...
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