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Old 12-10-2005, 10:43 AM
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Default Pics of your shop or garage

Hey all -

I'm always fascinated by checking out how people have assembled / organized / tricked out thier shops and garages, and now we're building a new shop on our show, V8TV. I'm looking for inspiraton.

Our place is modest; a basic pole-barn that is split into 3rds. The 1st third is the machine area with some cutting tools, engine hoists, etc. It's a working farm shop, so it's not pretty, but it sure as hell works.

The second bay is a makeshift paint / prime booth, your basic plywood box with basic cross-draft ventilation.

Those two bays are pre-exisiting; we're now building the 3rd bay, which is where we'll be doing most of the shooting for the show.

The new bay is not real big, (20'x30'), but it sure beats a 2-car garage. And it's ours.

The highlights are an Eagle 2-post lift, floor coating coming from Motor City Flooring (Muscle Gloss), some welders and plasma cutters from HTP, and an IR radiant heater from Space-Ray. We hope to hang that sucker tomorrow.

I've attached a couple renderings of the place... they're simple guides to the layout. Real photos to come.

I'd love to check out photos of other shops and ideas for storage and cool tools and tricks that anyone may have come up with. I think it may make a cool episode story... a bunch of killer shop tricks.

So let's see 'em!
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Old 12-10-2005, 11:10 AM
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wish i had a better garage to share with ya. I do have a 3 car garage and do all of my work in my garage, but like right now in the winter, it is more for storing a couple of my car's then anything.....

I will try to attatch a couple pic's though....nothing special. Have to wait till i get home tonite......my pictures are to large.
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Old 12-11-2005, 02:28 PM
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Here is the one that I use. It is my dads. Dont worry after using his, I am going to have to build bigger!!!!!
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Old 12-11-2005, 02:40 PM
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PIcs and info about my shop can be found here:

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Old 12-11-2005, 05:25 PM
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Here is a pic of my garage taken last summer. It's still under construction and only used for storage. I have 7 vehicles in it right now.

It's 32x54 with 10 foot side walls. I'm lucky that the zoning in the town I live in limits building size only on the size of my lot (no absolute limit). The center 1/3 has scissor trusses to allow a 2-post lift. Another 1/3 will be walled off as a smaller shop space that will be easier to heat in the winter. The remaining 1/3 will be able to be used as my paint booth (with a temporary wall).

If you want real garage porn you need to visit www.garagejunkies.net

Have plenty of tissues handy.

Tom Fuehrer
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Old 12-11-2005, 06:49 PM
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Damn, that's going to be awesome, Tom. Where's the 'jealous' smiley. lol

My LS7 69 Camaro
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Old 12-11-2005, 08:24 PM
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Hey Hey Hey, since we are are thinking size matters here, which of course it does, I forgot to add that our garage is 24 x 60 with 10ft side walls as well. As you can tell we have 4, 10 x 10 doors (which allows us to roll the lift out side if needed) two on each end with drive through technology. I can pull my tow vehical (the mint 78 ford van in the background of the pic) and a 25 ft trailer straight in and shut the doors. Then when it is time to leave, just open the back door, and pull out.
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Old 12-13-2005, 04:27 AM
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I want a big garage . I can only store my car in my parents garage, I have to work on it outside .

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Old 12-13-2005, 08:10 AM
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Thanks for starting this thread. This is what I am going through right now. I am in the middle of a mini-remodel on my detached 25x35 workshop. The man that built my house first built the shop and lived in it while the house was going up. So, it is fully insulated, heated/cooled, well wired (cable/phone 220/110, etc) and has a full bath (10x5). The downside is he finished it inside with OSB painted white and the bathroom was only marginal.

So...enter my current project. We are just putting the final touches on the bathroom. I installed a 32x32 shower and built a custom vanity using a deep sink and oversize counter surrounded with formica matching the counter top as side and back splash. The idea is to be nice enough looking to pass for a standard guest bathroom, but rugged and water proof enough to hold up to shop greese, grime, etc.

A bathroom is a MUST in your workshop and in my opinion should be the first thing you really plan for.

NEXT we figure out the work bench/cabinet/storage, etc. My wife came up with an excellent idea last night that I am running with now.

A couple of things to consider. A good way to complete a budget build is by using old counter tops and cabinets from a remodeled kitchen. Second, you can buy the preformed counter top from the hardware store (superior to just a rough old plywood work surface) and build your bench from that.

My ceiling it too low for a lift but we should be able to get most everything else crammed in.

My wife parks in the house garage (usually) so there is room to store one other car in the house garage. That leaves room for no more than one project car at a time. That's enough for me.

Also having to build the shop "baby safe" so my son can come out and play while I tinker. I hope to get a small workspace in one corner when complete to put a pc, printer, and file area for setting up and moving ebay items and general auto forum chat while working in the shop.

No sense taking any pictures right now until it is done. I am sure I will post those up soon as I am taking the week off after Christmas to finish it up.
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Old 12-14-2005, 08:30 PM
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Thumbs up

Well here are the specs on my Toy Box. 32W x 56L x 14H insulated with water and a drain in the 'wash area'. It has the provisions for a full restroom with toilet and shower, as well as footings for a two post lift. Like cars...a garage is never done. After a layoff (and now much less pay), as well as a 6 month old son, money isn't flowing like it used to.

There is also coax, and cat5's for the phone, alarm, DSL, etc.

Under construction.

Winter pic.

Inside...not finished.

New driveway.

Pic before we used the building for our wedding reception. The crap on the right side of the pic is 'hiding' the rough ins from the inspector.

I don't have any real recent pics. Sounds like a plan for the weekend.

Keep posting garages! I need more ideas for organization.

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