Tmcp #248 Clayton Machine Works – From Corporate Doldrums To Hot Rod Parts



This week’s guest is Clay Johnson, owner of Clayton Machine Works in Madison, AL – just outside of Huntsville, AL (Rocket City U.S.A.). Clay started Clayton Machine Works after he saw the writing on the wall that his boring corporate design job was NOT leading him down the path he wanted to go (as he put it, he could only kill time at work by “searching for the end of the internet” so long). He had business experience both as an employer and employee, so going back to business ownership was something that appealed to him.

When he began Clayton Machine Works his intention was to release products that focused on quality and design, down to the smallest detail (even the packaging). His product line expanded from window cranks handles initially all the way up to their myriad of offerings today (which include valve covers, pedal sets, and more.)

Also this episode is the NPD update featuring Matt Laszaic, FORD Project Manager. He filled me in on the Ford Mustang offerings for Fox body and newer models.

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