Project Vehicles


Project Vehicles, Test Mules, Builds, whatever you want to call them – we have a few. These are vehicles that we are currently in our stable where we can bring you quality, professional content in the form of installation, testing, and appearance. From the latest suspension, engine swaps or tire combinations, our goal is to bring you correct information!

You’ll always be able to find the latest on these projects here!

Project “Way-Gone” – A 1966 Chevelle wagon! A little different A-body purposely built to show off bolt-in performance parts and be able to hold four people while racing or everyday driving. This car will be used at events to help grow our sport and hold the groceries too! A true “pro-touring” machine! Click Here To See The Latest On Project Way-Gone



Project “Cami-Kazi” – A 1971 El Camino SS! An all out assault against the competition! Complete with a full-tube chassis, a high-end build to win races and take no prisoners. The end result is that we will be able to take this car and compete with the best in the business! Click Here To See The Latest On Project Cami-Kazi