Installing UMI Performance’s New Chassis Brace


For those familiar with racing, they know that with more G-force comes more frame stress. Every frame could use the extra support to keep it stabilized. How did UMI Performance assess this issue? They recently brought out their chassis brace for the ’64-’72 A-Body and ’70-’81 F-body. A simple, bolt in installation that takes roughly 15 minutes depending on how time consuming disassembly is. The bar itself is 1.25″ diameter x .0120″ wall thickness, with 3/16″ laser cut mounts to ensure maximum strength.

We did this install with a set of their heavy duty aluminum sway bar mounts, which was definitely a large step in the right direction in comparison to the old mounts. Just ensuring even more strength underneath! To get down to business, we jacked the car up, threw two jack stands underneath, and busted out some tools. We started the install by removing one sway bar mount, replacing it with the new one, then putting one end of the brace mount in, and tightening up the mount. Then repeating the process for the other side.

An easy process that mostly anyone could do! After all was said and done, we lowered the car, backed it out of the garage, and admired that “UMI Red” shine underneath. It’s reassuring to know the chassis has that extra reinforcement to assure it will stay in one piece. Ramey Womer, an engineer at UMI stated “This brace adds to our growing list of extremely popular chassis stiffening products. Whether street, drag, or corner carving, keeping these cars chassis from moving around always proves beneficial.”