Tmcp #222 Dennis Pittsenbarger On His All New Tv Show “highway To Sell!”


This weeks special release interview is with great friend of the show Dennis Pittsenbarger (he was last on in Episode 123). Dennis is a veteran radio show host and big time “car dork” that cannot help but get his hands dirty on anything automotive. His specialty is paint and body and he has been featured in Hot Rod magazine articles doing just that. Dennis is loud, boisterous, and high energy which is what attracts peoples attention. This attention and automotive knowledge has garnered him a TV show on the Discovery Network called “Highway To Sell!”

Dennis explained Highway to Sell as a way to see a real car get built. The cars on the show will not be the extremely highline “Chip Foose” style cars seen on other shows, these will be normal nice restorations like what you may see in your neighbors garage. He also said you are going to see the screw ups too, just as you’d see in any real restoration..

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