Tmcp #225 The All New Mustang Lifestyle Print Magazine: Mustang Driver!



This weeks interview is with repeat interviewee Marc Christ of Mustang Driver Magazine. The last time I spoke to Marc was while he was in the throws of building a SEMA Show Car (Project Hypersilver 1988 Mustang) at the same time as we were building the Chevelle. Back then Marc was still working for Muscle Mustangs Magazine, but now is helping to develop a brand new Mustang magazine, a unique one aimed at the Mustang lifestyle more than just builds and tech.
Mustang Driver Magazine is being created from a passion for all years of Mustangs as well as the people that own them. Event coverage from the personal perspective will be included, with an upcoming article following the highs, lows, and excitement by following one specific drag racer throughout a weekend event. At the same time, full driving reviews of the new 2015 Mustang have already taken place as well!

Check it out!