Introducing Project “Cami-Kazi”

Rendering By Vibrant Pixels

Introducing Project “Cami-Kazi”

A real 1971 El Camino SS that’s going to be an all out assault against the competition! Complete with a full-tube chassis, this will be a high-end build to win races and take no prisoners. The end result is that we will be able to take this car and compete with the best in the business!

The Story Begins

All but forgotten, this Elky has spent the last fifteen years tucked away in a garage becoming a shelf for miscellaneous junk. Originally the car was built almost twenty years ago as a drag car. The car is back-halved, fully caged, glass front end, and sporting a Big-Block. Speaking of power, it’s currently a 540 cubic-inch monster with 16:1 compression topped with a single 1050 carburetor and backed by a two-speed Powerglide. In this configuration the car consistently ran 8.90’s all day long. Impressive for a Elky twenty years ago.

Our plans are obviously to ditch all the drag racing equipment and turn this back into a street car. The current plans are to strip the drag racing equipment to come up with a blank page to start on. This includes all the suspension and what’s left of the factory frame and swap in a complete aftermarket frame and suspension. Naturally, a wild built LS engine will power this car and a modern overdrive transmission.

We want this car to be able to compete with the best…and dare we say win?