500 Miles Of Freedom – Installing CPP’s 25 Gallon Fuel Tank!

500 Miles On A Tank Of Fuel? Our 1955 Bel Air project we have some big plans for. We've dubbed it "50 In A 55" because we plan on driving this car to all 50 states - yes driving to Alaska and having it shipped to Hawaii as the final leg of the journey. With that much driving it's going to use a lot of fuel. This car has an LS engine so it will get good MPG but we still plan on … [Read more...]

Steering, Shifting, And Giving It Gas!

The Corona Virus T-Bucket Do you ever just get burnt out on working on cars and need a break? Well that happened and the result was this '23 T-Bucket that we've been wrenching on. What started as a COVID project has kept on going but was put on the back burner as life got back to normal. Now's the time to finish this car up and start enjoying it! One thing we wanted to … [Read more...]

Putting A Stop To It With Baer Brakes

Installing Baer Brakes On Our 1955 Bel Air Anybody that races knows brakes are just as important, if not more important than what's under the hood making you go. Sure a wicked sounding engine winding out down the track gets all the attention, but we all know most races are won in the corners. In fact that's basically how Baer Racing started. Hal Baer saw how slow his Mustang … [Read more...]

Goodguys 2023 Schedule Released!

2023 Goodguys Schedule We know some of you like to and have to plan out the next year this early. Vacation slots are sometimes available Jan 1st and if you don't book your slot you might lose that. Luckily Goodguys has released their entire schedule for 2023 and we are posting it here for you so that you won't miss any of the action! You know we will be at as many shows as … [Read more...]

SEMA 2022 Recap – Year of Electric Vehicles?

SEMA 2022 There's no doubt that talks on electric vehicles are getting more and more popular. It's been a few years since we were at SEMA and one thing we noticed right off the bat was the amount of EV's there were along with companies selling conversion kits. We could talk about the pro's and con's of that for days - but let's get back to the SEMA we all know and … [Read more...]

Good Guys Del Mar So Cal Nationals!

Good Guys Del Mar So Cal Nationals If you didn't go to the Good Guys Del Mar So Cal Nationals because it was a first time show, you missed out! Normally Good Guys only hosts one show in Del Mar, so this was the first year there was a second one. No rain at this one and the weather couldn't have been better which brought out thousands of people for a great weekend of crusin' … [Read more...]

TMI Product’s TRIM Awards at SEMA 2022

Are you building a car that's heading to SEMA? Then you'll want to read and enter TMI Product's TRIM Awards! Even if your SEMA build doesn't have a TMI interior, you can enter and still have a chance to win the grand prize. If you're just heading to SEMA but not with a build you'll want to swing by their booth on Wednesday at 12PM to watch the winners get crowned. TMI Products … [Read more...]

Press Release: Trans Am Steering Wheel by Lecarra

For Immediate Release Trans Am Steering Wheel by Lecarra Knoxville, TN – Lecarra’s Trans Am steering wheels definitely conjure up a groovy ‘70s & ‘80s vibe. Modeled after the Pontiac Trans Am steering wheels of the ‘70s and early ‘80s, they’re available in brushed, gold, or black anodized finishes. A fully polished version is also available. Additionally, there … [Read more...]

Good Guys Lone Star Nationals – A Full House!

Good Guys Lone Star Nationals 2022 This past weekend marked the Good Guys Lone Star Nationals. This event is always a great one with good weather and an amazing venue. Friday we went and it was typical Friday traffic - busy but not packed. However Saturday must have been record breaking attendance. There were cars and people everywhere - walking around it was apparent … [Read more...]

Holley LS Fest 2022 – All The Action!

Holley LS Fest East 2022 Every year the Holley LS Fest event grows and has turned into the mecca of anything LS Powered. What's neat is everything has an LS under the hood but what's neat about that is the sheer variety of cars that show up with an LS under the hood. But for us, we just love watching and seeing all the action on the QA1/Lateral-G.net autocross course! The … [Read more...]