TMI Product’s TRIM Awards at SEMA 2022

Are you building a car that's heading to SEMA? Then you'll want to read and enter TMI Product's TRIM Awards! Even if your SEMA build doesn't have a TMI interior, you can enter and still have a chance to win the grand prize. If you're just heading to SEMA but not with a build you'll want to swing by their booth on Wednesday at 12PM to watch the winners get crowned. TMI Products … [Read more...]

Press Release: Trans Am Steering Wheel by Lecarra

For Immediate Release Trans Am Steering Wheel by Lecarra Knoxville, TN – Lecarra’s Trans Am steering wheels definitely conjure up a groovy ‘70s & ‘80s vibe. Modeled after the Pontiac Trans Am steering wheels of the ‘70s and early ‘80s, they’re available in brushed, gold, or black anodized finishes. A fully polished version is also available. Additionally, there … [Read more...]

Good Guys Lone Star Nationals – A Full House!

Good Guys Lone Star Nationals 2022 This past weekend marked the Good Guys Lone Star Nationals. This event is always a great one with good weather and an amazing venue. Friday we went and it was typical Friday traffic - busy but not packed. However Saturday must have been record breaking attendance. There were cars and people everywhere - walking around it was apparent … [Read more...]

Holley LS Fest 2022 – All The Action!

Holley LS Fest East 2022 Every year the Holley LS Fest event grows and has turned into the mecca of anything LS Powered. What's neat is everything has an LS under the hood but what's neat about that is the sheer variety of cars that show up with an LS under the hood. But for us, we just love watching and seeing all the action on the QA1/ autocross course! The … [Read more...]

When and How Much Zinc Additive To Add To Your Oil

Adding Zinc To Your Oil When building an engine, you want to do everything right to ensure it fires up and runs perfect. One trick is to use a Zinc additive in the oil. We recently were researching this and came across this article on Speedway Motors talking about Zinc additives. We have a few fresh engines getting ready to fire up and wanted to see the best way to get Zinc in … [Read more...]

Tri-Five Nationals 2022

Tri Five Nationals Do you love Tri-Five Chevrolets? Even if you just like them, then you need to come to the Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, KY. Located at Beech Bend Raceway, this show PACKS the house! We've been to this venue a bunch for Good Guys shows and LS Fest. Now LS Fest is definitely the biggest show that happens at Beech Bend, but holy cow Tri-Five Nationals … [Read more...]

Fueling Up For The Long Haul With TANKS INC

TANKS INC For The Long Road Ahead There's always a wrong way and a right way to do something. When it comes to a fuel system, this is not something that you want to do halfway right or wrong. For starters, if it leaks then you obviously risk a fire which can quickly engulf your ride and put an end to it. The other side is a system that just doesn't work or starves your … [Read more...]

Cooling Like A Champion!

Champion Cooling Systems To The Rescue Right now it's summer. It's hot. We feel it and our cars do too. If you're going to drive in the summer or try to survive Power Tour, you need a cooling system that's up to par. Our 1955 Bel Air build has an aluminum radiator and electric fan so it should be good to go, right? Wrong. The no-name radiator fits in the stock mounting … [Read more...]

Press Release: Dakota Digital Acquires W.I.D.E. Contact Brand

DAKOTA DIGITAL ACQUIRES W.I.D.E CONTACT BRAND  Dakota Digital, Inc. announces today that it has agreed to purchase the W.I.D.E  Contact brand of products. Developed in 1995 by Dave Kopser, the W.I.D.E  Contact brand of door contacts has become a staple in the custom vehicle market.   Dakota Digital has been a distributor of these great products since the inception, … [Read more...]

Will “Hot Rodding” Cars Make A Huge Comeback?

Is Hot Rodding Making A Comeback? Getting cars to go faster and handle better has pretty much been around since the invention of cars. "Hot Rodding" cars is almost human nature - people have been tinkering, swapping engines, adding better tires for a long time. Car culture is American history and the two have defined each other for decades. With OEM's pumping out crazy … [Read more...]