April ’15 Feature of the Month: Bob Bertelsen’s 1969 Chevy C-10 “Orange Rush”

The Chevy truck line has been around for decades and decades. In reality, up until the 1990’s they were never viewed as a performance-type vehicle. Chevy trucks were the workhorses, the back-bone of America. In the mid-1990’s Chevy created one of the very first ever performance minded trucks, the SS. This truck packed a 454 cubic inch engine, into a single cab truck. Now if you can imagine that truck being thirty years older, with nothing but the best technology and performance, you’d have Bob Bertelsen’s truck.


Orange Rush C10 Pro Touring Lateral G Bob Bertelson 31
Bob is the proud owner of the 1969 C-10 you see here. We first caught a glimpse of this truck last summer at the Ohio Muscle Car Challenge, an event that he puts on. This event was held over two days and had a complete road course and auto cross challenge. Every time we looked, he was ripping down the track, keeping up with the best of them. Of course, we had to get a better look at the truck.


Orange Rush C10 Pro Touring Lateral G Bob Bertelson 1
The truck started life as a 1969 C-10, but that’s about the end of the similarities. This truck has been completely gutted and rebuilt, using the latest technology and resources available. To start, the old worn out engine was removed in place of a Kurt Urban Performance LS7. This powerhouse of an engine pumps out 648 HP with 600 lb. ft. of torque. Backing all that power is a T-56 Magnum transmission, that has a Stage Two prep from Bowler Transmissions. With the truck having all the power it needs, it had to turn just as well.


Orange Rush C10 Pro Touring Lateral G Bob Bertelson 4
Naturally, all the original frame and suspension was long gone. These trucks couldn’t begin to handle as well as Bob’s. He made the frame himself, and fitted a Detroit Speed X595 Cross member, Control Arms and Spindles up front. Out back he utilized Detroit Speed’s Quadra Link Suspension, complete with a Moser Fab Housing, CR Racing True Trac and 3.70 polished rear gears.
To finish off the suspension, a complete JRi Hydraulic Ride Height Adjustable Coilover Shocks was installed on it. This allows Bob to raise and lower the truck hydraulically. What that does is allow Bob to keep the truck low-slung on the streets and track, then raise it up to get into his trailer. This system doesn’t compromise the ride quality or performance, a very neat system.

Orange Rush C10 Pro Touring Lateral G Bob Bertelson 13
 To finish off the undercarriage, a complete set of Baer brakes was installed, making sure this truck stops like a Corvette and not like, well, a ’69 C-10! The wheels are a set of Forgeline CF3C’s, which are 18×11″ in the front and 18×12.5″ in the rear. Wrapping the wheels is a 315/30/18 BFG Rival in the front and 335/30/18 in the rear.
The inside of the truck is all race, with a set of Auto Meter LCD display gauges, a roll cage, and modern racing seats. On the outside, there are a ton of neat tricks as well. For instance, the entire front end is fiberglass and tilts forward. There is no bed floor, as the custom made cover keeps everything covered up. The rear spoiler is hydraulically controlled, allowing Bob to make changes with downforce on the fly.


Orange Rush C10 Pro Touring Lateral G Bob Bertelson 21
By far the coolest part of this truck is that Bob built the whole truck almost himself in a two car garage. He completed all the fiberglass work, fabrication, wiring, roll bar, assembly, and paint. Speaking of paint, the bright orange is R-M Diamont, Orange Rush Orange and Black Base with R-M 5335 Clear.
This truck is top notch and can easily win awards at a car show, then lay down the rubber on the track. Bob isn’t afraid to make that motor roar on the track either.

Orange Rush C10 Pro Touring Lateral G Bob Bertelson 8
Engine: Kurt Urban Performance LS7 7.0L 427 Cu. In 648 HP 600ft/lb.
Transmission: Bowler Transmission Prepped Stage 2, Tremec T56 Magnum
Rear End: Moser Fab Housing, CR Racing True Trac, 370 polished gears
Frame: Custom designed and made by Bob Bertelsen
Front Suspension: Detroit Speed X595 Cross member, Control Arms & Spindles
Rear Suspension: Detroit Speed Quadra Link Suspension
Coil overs: JRi Hydraulic Ride Height Adjustable Shocks
Brakes: Baer Brakes 14” 6R
Wheels: Forgeline CF3C, Rear 18” x 12 1/2”, Front 18” x 11”
Tires: BFG Rival 315/30/18 &  335/30/18
Gauges: Autometer LCD Display
Paint: R-M Diamont, Orange Rush Orange & Black Base, R-M 5335 Clear
Design Renderings: Gary Ragle
Fab Work: Bob Bertelsen
Fiberglass work: Bob Bertelsen
Roll Bar: Tom McKenzie, Bob Bertelsen
Wiring: Shayne Smeltzer, Bob Bertelsen
Body Work: Bob Bertelsen, Rick DeSalvo, Shayne Smeltzer
Paint: Bob Bertelsen, Phil Palmer
Assembly: Bob Bertelsen, Shayne Smeltzer
Interior: RPM Hot Rods


Orange Rush C10 Pro Touring Lateral G Bob Bertelson 12