AutoRad Performance Radiators

1Today we have several choices when it comes to radiators. Many of them are good, quality products. Sometimes we can look up what we need, select a part number and place an order. But sometimes we need a little more. Take, for instance, the guy wanting to build a drag race or autocross car. He needs something more than stock, and needs it to stand up to the rigors he puts his car through. Or perhaps the custom guy who can no longer use his stock mounting. The folks at AutoRad Radiators understand those of us who do not fit the “one size fits most” molds.

AutoRad not only builds a quality radiator, but they take it one step further and design and fabricate their own core supports that go with many of the radiator models that they make. This is something other radiator manufacturers aren’t able to provide. We recently had the opportunity to follow them through the process of building a custom system, from the core support through the radiator and add-on accessories to better understand what this involves.

2First, they start with getting complete measurements and application details. They use this information to map out a system that provides performance and quality in an attractive package. Each measurement is carefully calculated. The core support is formed and double-checked for accuracy.

AutoRad also designs and forms their own tanks to be able to perfectly match them to each project. All welds, including components, seams and the core support are TIG welded. TIG welding is a slower process than MIG welding, but it provides a cleaner, more secure weld that is less susceptible to stress and cracking, which naturally would be detrimental to a radiator.

They hand craft each of their aluminum radiators out of .090 aluminum. They also use two rows of 1″ tubes for more efficient cooling (larger 1.5″ tubes are also available). Throughout the entire process, the assembly is leak tested to make sure a tight seal is maintained. Additionally, each unit is vacuum brazed – no epoxy here – providing a strong, solid seal you can trust to hold up through all the demands we might put on our cars.

All this is why AutoRad is the choice for some of the finest cars in the country  and preferred by top builders everywhere. Whether you are just looking for something a little more than stock, a bolt-in stock-size replacement, or a completely custom cooling system, AutoRad Radiators has just what you need!

For more information on AutoRad, visit their website or give Jim and Karen Walker a call at 770-983-1345.


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