How Will Adding Air Conditioning Affect My Cooling System?

How Will Adding A/C Affect My Cooling System? Recently we have been working on Project Collateral Damage installing air conditioning and wanted to make sure that everything we have planned will work together trouble free. We were searching around and found this great article from Michael Harding of Champion Cooling who explained everything. With summer right around the corner … [Read more...]

Project Way-Gone: LS Swap Radiator Install

LS Swap Radiator From Flex-A-Lite Overheating is never a fun time. As hot rodders build bigger and more powerful engines, overheating has always been a bit of an issue. Luckily, radiator design and technology has improved just like those engines. Now you can have well over 1,000 horsepower while sitting in the hot traffic and the air conditioning cranked. It's truly amazing to … [Read more...]

AutoRad Performance Radiators

Today we have several choices when it comes to radiators. Many of them are good, quality products. Sometimes we can look up what we need, select a part number and place an order. But sometimes we need a little more. Take, for instance, the guy wanting to build a drag race or autocross car. He needs something more than stock, and needs it to stand up to the rigors he puts his … [Read more...]