Cars For A Living Podcast – How John Hotchkis Built His Business!

johnhotchkis_robkibbe_dankahnAs a few of you may already know, I host several different automotive themed podcast show in addition to The MuscleCar Place. My latest show is called Cars For A Living and is completely dedicated to the career or business side of owning or starting a business in the aftermarket, racing, and restoration world. My co-host is Dan Kahn, owner of Kahn Media, and between the two of us we hope to help a lot of people make the leap to chasing their automotive fueled dreams!

I asked Jody is if might be OK to post the latest C4AL show here, because we got the chance to interview John Hotchkis one-on-one. Jody said to fire away…so I am!

What’s interesting about John is that, just like everyone else, he started on the outside of the industry….and had no real idea what it was he would do in it – he knew that he wanted in!