Hotchkis Autocross at NMCA!

Hotchkis Autocross This past weekend marked the Hotchkis Autocross at the NMCA drag race series at California Speedway. We are pretty convinced at this point that any event held at California Speedway is going to be hot. It seems that every time we are at this venue it's hot! But that's better than being rained out. The Hotchkis autocross is a great one for … [Read more...]

Hotchkis Autocross 2016: Season Finale

As 2016 begins to wind down, so does the racing season. This past weekend marked the season finale for the NMCA West Hotchkis Autocross cup. Championships were won and lost during this weekend, bringing lots of action along with it. There was a bit of apprehension with the weather. From the previous weekend it had cooled down a lot, but a chance of rain made everybody wonder … [Read more...]

Hot in Fontana! NMCA Hotchkis Autocross

While the racing was going on in New Orleans, there was plenty of action happening in Fontana California this weekend as well! The NMCA Hotchkis Autocross by the Racing Byrds was well underway with 80 cars competing in the event. While the event went on all day Saturday and Sunday, we only had a few hours to spend over there Saturday morning. The course was long and … [Read more...]

NMCA Hotchkis Autocross at California Speedway

The season opener for the NMCA drag racing series kicked off this weekend at the California Speedway. Just behind the drag strip was a massive parking lot, that was transformed into the Hotchkis Autocross. California Speedway is a great venue for automotive enthusiasts. Just last weekend all the Cup boys were there, running 180+ miles per hour on the big oval. Fast forward a … [Read more...]

TMCP Sema Show Specials!!! Part 1 and 2

The much looked forward to SEMA Show Special edition Muscle Car Place Podcasts are LIVE and available NOW!!!! In Part 1, Rob interviews John Hotchkis (Hotchkis Suspension), Mike and Jim Ring (Ring Brothers), Marc Christ (Muscle Mustang Magazine), Alan Peltier (HRE Wheels), and Ryan Vitiritto (Karl Performance). The discussions ranged from Mustangs, to Chargers, to Mustangs, … [Read more...]

C4AL #32 – Why Kevin Bryde Left NASCAR to Create Hotchkis Performance East

I'm posting the latest episode of the Cars For A Living podcast here, featuring Kevin Bryde and his new shop - Hotchkis Performance East (in Mooresville, NC). Just a few months ago Kevin left his position as a component fabricator with Earnhardt Ganassi Racing and formed a partnership with John Hotchkis to created a new parts production and installation facility! Here's the … [Read more...]


While Rob was on vacation this past week, he had the opportunity to stop in and see Kevin Bryde at his all new facility called Hotchkis Performance East! They got to sit down and talk about business on the Cars for a Living podcast (interview coming soon) but had a few minutes to talk about the car that actually got Kevin into that line of work. The 1985 Cutlass is still a work … [Read more...]

Cars For A Living Podcast – How John Hotchkis Built His Business!

As a few of you may already know, I host several different automotive themed podcast show in addition to The MuscleCar Place. My latest show is called Cars For A Living and is completely dedicated to the career or business side of owning or starting a business in the aftermarket, racing, and restoration world. My co-host is Dan Kahn, owner of Kahn Media, and between the two of … [Read more...]