Could Oversized Wheels Soon Be Illegal?

CR1 1969 Camaro Lateral G Pro Touring LS 138

In an article from, a bill has been introduced to make all oversize wheels illegal. The bill which seems to be targeted towards “Donk” style cars, could be used against our cars as well.

From the article, “The bill states that if you are driving a vehicle with wheels larger those recommended by the manufacturer, it is unsafe to be on public roads, and violators will be penalized in a court of law. Therefore, when this bill becomes a law, law enforcement authorities will have the right to seize the vehicle on all public roads and will be punishable by a citation.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, this issue has been becoming more and more problematic.  Recent statistical studies by the federal National Highway Traffic Administration indicated that vehicles with over-sized wheels are 79.9% more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident.”

CR1 1969 Camaro Lateral G Pro Touring LS 087

While the bill obviously has good intentions of removing dangerously lifted vehicles, the fear is that they could easily use the measure to target our beloved classic cars. Even lifted trucks would be effected by the bill if it goes through. Lets hope that SEMA is on this and putting an end to it!