Good Guy’s 1st Meguiar’s All-Star Get Together

At Texas Motor Speedway, two of the biggest events are the Spring and Fall Good Guys shows. These events bring thousands of Hot Rods and classic cars to Ft Worth – but new for 2021 is the third show there! The 1st Meguiar’s All-Star Get Together.

All-American Get Together

This show is a little different than the Spring and Fall show. Historically the Get Together’s have all happened in Pleasanton, but now they are expanding it. What exactly is an All-Star Get Together? Simply put, any American made or powered vehicle can come to the show! Think about All-American Sunday’s, well now those late model cars and trucks are invited for the entire weekend.

What that meant was a great mixture of old and new cars and trucks. From Hot Rods to Hot C8 Corvettes! Being a first time event we didn’t quite know what to expect but the show ran like a clock, just like Good Guys events always do. And it’s hard to beat Texas Motor Speedway as a venue! There were ride-a-long’s happening, autocross, show ‘n shine and everything else – even a truck corral full of truck vendors.

Good Guys Autocross

Friday is when all the fun picked up and only gained momentum. We hit the Autocross track and watched a lot of usual Texas racers hitting the revised course. Remember, this year Good Guys dedicated an entire website to just their Autocross, – be sure to check that out! That site has live timing so even if you weren’t at this show, you could keep up with all the action!

Saturday was a bit slow going in the morning. Rain was coming down and scared off a few people. Luckily by noon the skies cleared up and the sun was shining the rest of the day! People showed up, wiped off the rain and enjoyed the day. We finished Saturday off by hopping in the track cruise, a really unique experience to see how steep the banking really is.

This show is off to a great start and is only going to get better! If you love the Spring and Fall shows, then you’ll love this show as well. We hope to see you out there next year! Good Guys already announced it for the weekend of June 10-12th, 2022. See you there!