Project Collateral Damage: Rolling Along

Collateral Damage Updates

At the end of last year we posted an update with our 1970 Chevelle build dubbed “Collateral Damage.” We had the Roadster Shop chassis, Baer brakes, Forgeline wheels, Texas Speed 427 LS, American Powertrain T-56 Magnum and a host of other parts and pieces. Right now we’ve been working on test fitting everything together and getting the body ready to send off to paint.

Since our last update, we’ve accomplished quite a bit. On the engine side is where we’ve been focusing. For starters, we plumbed the hot side for the turbo set up. Coils have been remotely mounted and plug wires tucked away. We also installed one of the brand new Vintage Air front runners. This kit is super trick where the water pump housing not only holds the water pump, but holds all the accessories as well! With six bolts the entire system is mounted to the engine in an ultra-clean and professional look.

Before setting the body on the frame we ran all new hard line fuel rails along the Roadster Shop chassis. We went ahead and fixed all the rust on the bottom of the body and installed a set of ABC Performance wheel tubs to be able to house the massive Forgeline wheels. Then we set the body on the frame to start getting everything lined up and figured out. While doing that we installed the Ron Davis radiator and fan combo, then fabbed up radiator hoses.

While there is still a long ways to go, we are making great progress! We put the front fenders on to really get a feel for how the car is going to look and we can’t wait for the day we get to hit the key and take it for a spin! Stay tuned for more.