Project Way-Gone: Front End Finishing

Front End Finished!

We started on a little side project on Project Way-Gone and we’re happy with the results! We got tired of the front end being half assembled and wanted to get the headlights and bumper installed to give the car a more completed look. We searched on Facebook Marketplace and found a nice set of used headlight bezels and extensions that matched our original grill. We didn’t want new shiny parts for the look we are going for with this car.

The bumper we did buy new along with the bumper brackets from Ground Up Restoration as we couldn’t find any used ones in our area. While ordering up parts we also hopped on RockAuto and grabbed four new headlights to complete the installation. In order to install those headlights we needed the headlight buckets which were missing on the car. Not a problem as OER Parts had them in stock and ready to go.

Once we had everything in our hands we started with tackling the headlights first. We grabbed the OER headlight buckets, put in a headlight and installed the stainless trim ring that holds the bucket to the headlight. Then using the new adjusters from Ground Up we installed each headlight along the way and connected the Painless Performance wiring harness to each one. A few screws and we had the headlight bezels installed on each side.

Bumping To The Finish

Then we grabbed the new bumper and bumper brackets to finish off this small job. We started by loosely installing the bumper brackets to the bumper so that they still could move around a bit on the car. Then we carefully moved the bumper up into position and attached the bolts to the frame. With everything lining up nicely we finished tightening everything down.

Not a huge job to do all this, but look at the difference it makes with the car! It helps give it a much more finished look than something half apart. We do still need to order up a set of turn signals to finish it off, but not a big issue there.

Onto the next job at hand!