Tmcp #214 Jeff Allison Is Back – The Chevelle Lives!

  This week my buddy Jeff Allison is on the show to talk about how he diagnosed the problems, what the big worries were, and (in the end) how simple the fix was.It turns out that the coils on the right side cylinder bank were reversed (so Coil #was trying to fire cylinder #2, Coil #6 was trying to fire cylinder #4, etc.) and that the three wires to the camshaft sensor … [Read more...]

Tmcp-jeff Allison Final Chevelle Thrash,Redline Gauge Works,Last Show Before Sema

This weeks show is just before the last full week of work on the Chevelle before SEMA 2013! Jeff Allison, Owner of Allison Customs, and builder of my Chevelle discusses everything that is happening (and will need to happen) to get the Chevelle to SEMA 2013 for it’s world debut from the Ron Francis Wiring booth. We talked about the hectic schedule coming up and what it is going … [Read more...]