The Perfect IROC?

The Third-Gen Camaro’s are a bit of a cousin in the Camaro line. The hey-day of muscle cars ended with the second gen, the fourth-gen got the powerful LS engine but the third-gen just never seemed to got the appreciation that the other generations did. Personally, I love the third-gen Camaros. Yes they are boxy, but there is just something tough looking about their lines. In fact, I’d say that there is a big of a appreciation finally growing for these rides. We are seeing many companies starting to make suspension and other parts for them, meaning they see a growing trend as well.

It’s anybodies guess as to what the next collector or cool car will be. I’d put my money on a third-gen being a popular car. Why? They are easy to find and can be had for a good price. The price of a first-gen Camaro have sky-rocketed, and now we are seeing that with the second-gen. That leaves the third-gen, in all it’s mullet glory.

Regardless of our predictions, this IROC above featured on DRIVE is an amazing ride. Take a few minutes and watch the video!

Image courtesy of ThirdGen.Org

 Another example of an ultra-clean Third-Gen, Image courtesy of ThirdGen.Org