Video: Unboxing TorqStorm SuperCharger

TorqStorm LS Supercharger Unboxing

On our Project No-Name 1966 Chevelle, we’ve been building a new engine for it. One of the key components for this build was a nice blower to help us achieve good power without breaking the bank. How we plan on accomplishing that is by utilizing a TorqStorm supercharger kit. Now you can buy the supercharger all by itself to use with your factory accessories or you can purchase with all the accessories included.

Since this engine was a long block from a truck, we didn’t have the accessories and even if we did they wouldn’t fit in this Chevelle anyways. That meant it made sense for us to pick up the entire accessory drive from TorqStorm as well. They offer it in several different versions but we opted for the full blown kit that includes the alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioning pump. The only thing that doesn’t come with the kit is a water pump and crank pulley. The water pump is something we will want new and fresh anyways and the crank pulley is easy enough to grab.

Check back as we assemble this kit and get the car running! For more information on this kit check out