RideTech News: Chevrolet OBS Truck Suspension

A few months back we wrote an article asking if the Chevy OBS trucks were the next hot thing. That simple question blew up with a ton of enthusiasts voicing their love of these trucks! One product we mentioned in there was the new suspension from RideTech and it’s here now! Read the full press release below from RideTech.

RideTech Chevrolet OBS Truck Suspension

By any measure, 1988-1998 Chevy and GMC C1500 pickups are great trucks. Also known by their General Motors platform name “GMT400”, they’re good looking, affordable and well-engineered. Now more than 20 years old, early C1500s respond well to upgrades. Ridetech has been hard at work developing new lowered suspension systems to help you build a true C1500 muscle truck.

There are a lot of reasons to choose a GMT400 truck over other generations. These early C1500s are more plentiful and modern than their C10 (1960-1987) predecessors. When compared to later generations, GMT400 pickups are smaller and more sporty. Pickups have seemingly grown taller with each successive generation. On paper and behind the steering wheel, these old trucks have a lot to offer.

WishBone Suspension

The most innovative and impressive design feature of Ridetech’s new suspension systems is the new wishbone-link rear assembly. The upper crossmember reinforces the frame and locates the forward end of the wishbone link. It’s almost a shame to cover up this design with your truck’s bed. Heavy-duty C-Notches bolt to the frame and tubular crossmember. While some C-Notches may weaken your truck’s frame, Ridetech’s integrated C-Notch/Crossmember design adds strength. That means you and your lowered muscle truck can still tow and haul at will.  The C-Notches also do double duty as the upper coilover mounts. The entire rear suspension design bolts together with zero welding and minimal cutting.

A Wishbone is a clever “3-link” arrangement that eliminates your truck’s leaf springs for much-improved ride quality and handling. Lower links bolt to your truck’s spring perches and forward hangers. The links feature R-Joints to eliminate binding and offer long service life. Above the axle, the wishbone attaches to your truck’s 10-bolt or 14-bolt housing. Ultimately your old leaf springs get replaced with articulating links and fully-adjustable coilovers. Tune the ride height and shock rebound to your exact combination and driving preferences.

Up front, the new C1500 coilover kit features Ridetech’s renowned StrongArm tubular A-Arms. In addition to revised geometry, the arms accept bolt-on coilovers or air springs. StrongArms™ are made entirely in Ridetech’s Indiana factory to meet tight safety and quality standards. As the GMT400 chassis has some interesting packaging concerns, Ridetech developed distinct A-arms for coilovers vs. air springs. For air ride applications, Ridetech uses double-convoluted air springs with separate shock absorbers. Whether coilover or air ride, ride height is completely adjustable.

HQ Series adjustable shocks are included at all four corners. They feature monotube valving for precision response across a wide range of driving surfaces.  Ridetech’s shocks blow the doors off of typical twin-tube shocks. Rebound adjustment helps you fine-tune ride quality and handling to your personal preferences. You will truly enjoy the driving experience, and your old pickup will drive more like a luxury sports car.

Ridetech finishes the system with a custom-rated MUSCLEbar™ sway bar. It’s an all-new design with investment cast bar ends and Delrin-lined frame bushings. Every bar is tested to ensure its rate is within spec.

With the right suspension, a GMT400 truck is transformed into something special. The end result is greater than the sum of its parts. Ridetech’s Wishbone-link/StrongArm™ suspension is a must-have ingredient in any ultimate muscle truck recipe.

For more information and photos, check it out on RideTech.com