Tmcp#234 Ray Evernham, Nascar Crew Chief Legend, Race Car Driver, Car Builder, Tv Host

  Our first interview for 2015 is with the one and only Ray Evernham: NASCAR Crew Chief Legend, Race Car Driver, Car Builder, and TV Show Host! I asked him on the show to discuss his foray (and success) into professional motorsports, to gain a little automotive business and racing advice, and to talk about his terrific television show AmeriCarna! Ray and Rick Hendrick … [Read more...]

C4AL #32 – Why Kevin Bryde Left NASCAR to Create Hotchkis Performance East

I'm posting the latest episode of the Cars For A Living podcast here, featuring Kevin Bryde and his new shop - Hotchkis Performance East (in Mooresville, NC). Just a few months ago Kevin left his position as a component fabricator with Earnhardt Ganassi Racing and formed a partnership with John Hotchkis to created a new parts production and installation facility! Here's the … [Read more...]