Tmcp #241 Where Are They Now: The Ongoing Success Story Of Street Metal Concepts!

This weeks interview a “where are they now” show featuring the infamous Zip Simons and Don Endonino from Street Metal Concepts in Longwood, Florida. Zip and Don are the geniuses behind the incredible body and paint work on my Chevelle in 2013 and were one of the big reasons we made it to SEMA 2013 on time. Zip and Don both take the approach that “the art” of what they’re … [Read more...]

Tmcp #240 Gary Patterson – Shelby American Vp Of Sales, Test Driver, Director Of Fun

  This weeks interview is with Gary Patterson, Vice President of Strategic Sales and Media Relations of Shelby American. A Shelby built Mustang is the same recipe as it always was: take a good Mustang and then make it into a great Shelby Mustang. The new Shelby GT is a terrific example of that. Shelby is also reproducing/producing new Shelby Cobra bodies under the same … [Read more...]

Tmcp #235 Ken Thwaits – Racer, Camaro Collector, Business Owner, 2014 OSUSC Points Leader

  This weeks interview is with Ken Thwaits, race car driver, car collector, entrepreneur, and the inaugural 2014 points champion of the 2014 Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car. He is also founder and President of Precision Dynamics International. I asked Ken onto the show because, quite honestly, in our small world of muscle car racing he came onto the scene a … [Read more...]

Tmcp#234 Ray Evernham, Nascar Crew Chief Legend, Race Car Driver, Car Builder, Tv Host

  Our first interview for 2015 is with the one and only Ray Evernham: NASCAR Crew Chief Legend, Race Car Driver, Car Builder, and TV Show Host! I asked him on the show to discuss his foray (and success) into professional motorsports, to gain a little automotive business and racing advice, and to talk about his terrific television show AmeriCarna! Ray and Rick Hendrick … [Read more...]

Tmcp #233 Santa Claus 2014: The Man In Red Is Back!

  Gather the kids around! This week, our annual year-end guest was back on the show again. He’s known far and wide by many names: Old Saint Nick, Pere Noel, etc., but we all know him best as the one and only Santa Claus! This marks Santas 6th annual appearance on our show (previous shows included Episode 28, Episode 67, Episode 114, Episode 160, Episode 197), and as … [Read more...]

TMCP #229 SEMA 2014 SHOW #1 – RON FRANCIS RELAY BOXES, 50 ST LEGAL Cats, Vintage Air

  SEMA 2014 has come and gone, and it ended up being the biggest SEMA ever! As such we were able to grab a ton of one-on-one interview with old and new friends alike, so this will be the first show (of several) for you with terrific SEMA related content. The long and short of it is that you can see, meet, and discuss more aftermarket/racing/restoration related stuff in … [Read more...]

Tmcp #228 Jeremy Miranda With Miranda Built’s Amazing And Awe Inspiring ’67 Nova!

  This weeks interview is with Riddler Award AND Good Guys Ultimate Street Machine winning custom car builder Jeremy Miranda. Miranda Built is the business formed from Jeremy’s passion for customizing vehicles. Over the years he has built custom trucks, worked for a motorcycle fabrication shop, and then started his own business so he could control his destiny. The cars … [Read more...]

Tmcp #227 Aussie Glenn Everitt’s Australian Tv Show – Man And Machine!

  This weeks interview is with Glenn Everitt, the host of the Australian-based Television program titled “Man and Machine.” Since we have a strong podcast listener following in Australia I thought it might be fun to bring Glenn on to share a bit about his program, plus learn more about some of the Aussie muscle car models and culture that I’ve heard so much about. With … [Read more...]