Tmcp #225 The All New Mustang Lifestyle Print Magazine: Mustang Driver!

  This weeks interview is with repeat interviewee Marc Christ of Mustang Driver Magazine. The last time I spoke to Marc was while he was in the throws of building a SEMA Show Car (Project Hypersilver 1988 Mustang) at the same time as we were building the Chevelle. Back then Marc was still working for Muscle Mustangs Magazine, but now is helping to develop a brand new … [Read more...]

Tmcp #224 Advice For Starting You Shop From Home: Become A Customer Of Motor State!

  This weeks interview is with Scott Wahlstrom, Marketing Manager for Motor State Distributing. Motor State can help small businesses by being the “one call gets it all” shop for many vendors parts. This can save them on shipping and time spent placing orders and let them focus on their business. Motor State and Lane Automotive recognizes the car enthusiast as the driving … [Read more...]

Tmcp #226 Wes Drelleshak’s ’59 Apache “Muscle Truck”: Racing With The Big Boys

  This weeks interview is with Wes Drelleshak, the creator and racer of his 1959 Apache muscle-truck appropriately named “Project Long Shot.” He will be campaigning against some of the best drivers and cars ever at the 2014 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational! As he’s essentially taking a butter knife to a gun fight I thought it might be fun to have Wes come onto … [Read more...]

Tmcp #233 Santa Claus 2014: The Man In Red Is Back!

  Gather the kids around! This week, our annual year-end guest was back on the show again. He’s known far and wide by many names: Old Saint Nick, Pere Noel, etc., but we all know him best as the one and only Santa Claus! This marks Santa’s 6th annual appearance on our show (previous shows included Episode 28, Episode 67, Episode 114, Episode 160, Episode 197), and as … [Read more...]

TMCP #229 SEMA 2014 SHOW #1 – RON FRANCIS RELAY BOXES, 50 ST LEGAL Cats, Vintage Air

  SEMA 2014 has come and gone, and it ended up being the biggest SEMA ever! As such we were able to grab a ton of one-on-one interview with old and new friends alike, so this will be the first show (of several) for you with terrific SEMA related content. The long and short of it is that you can see, meet, and discuss more aftermarket/racing/restoration related stuff in … [Read more...]

Tmcp #223 The Chevelle Gets A Chassis Dyno Tune At Karl Performance!

In this episode of the podcast show, I got the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do: cover a full chassis dyno tune from start to finish! Even better was that I got the chance to see it happen on my very own ’64 Chevelle! To top it off, I got to take it to the place that assembled the engine in the first place, Karl Performance in Ankeny, IA. Karl Performance is my … [Read more...]

Tmcp #222 Dennis Pittsenbarger On His All New Tv Show “highway To Sell!”

This weeks special release interview is with great friend of the show Dennis Pittsenbarger (he was last on in Episode 123). Dennis is a veteran radio show host and big time “car dork” that cannot help but get his hands dirty on anything automotive. His specialty is paint and body and he has been featured in Hot Rod magazine articles doing just that. Dennis is loud, boisterous, … [Read more...]

Tmcp #220 Kevin Wesley: Muscle Car Endurance Racing Guru!

This weeks interview is with Information Technology and Software Support entrepreneur Kevin Wesley. He also has an interesting and successful hobby of racing Mopars in just about any event you can imagine, with a specialty in endurance racing events! Kevin has been involved with many kinds of racing and has some great plans for future races. Endurance races in particular are … [Read more...]

TMCP #219 SCCA President Lisa Noble Classic American Muscle Class

This weeks interview is with Lisa Noble, president of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and owner of Noble Racing Engines. Since the SCCA recently introduced the new Classic American Muscle (CAM) class I wanted to have her on to shed some light on not only the new class, but also the SCCA overall as it’s an organization I’ve always known about from a 50,000 foot perspective … [Read more...]

TMCP #218 Jim Davis Sea Foam: How and why fuel/oil additives work!

This weeks interview is with Jim Davis, the technical adviser at Sea Foam. Jim is a lifetime car guy as well as a former mechanic ad circle track racer. Because of his background as a mechanic he knew the question was coming, and surprised me in his discussion of how SeaFoam and other additives have more value than ever with modern “clean” fuels. Modern blended fuels and … [Read more...]