Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Three

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015 HRPT HotRod PowerTour 036

Photos and text by Kaleb Kelley

The official third day of the Hot Rod Power Tour 2015 is over. We took a trip down historic Route 66 and through endless cornfields. I moved from Illinois a few years back and forgot just how much corn there is in the Prairie State. Although you may think field after field of corn would be boring, it isn’t when you’re in the middle of a couple thousand hot rods.

Every town along the way was lined with people hollering for everybody to rev their car out or do a smoky burnout. Some of the cops frowned on this, but quite a few towns they kind of let us do our thing as long as nobody was too crazy.

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015 HRPT HotRod PowerTour 028

One of my favorite cars on the drive was a killer first generation Dodge Charger that was followed by a Duster with a Gen III Hemi. Those cars make my little Mopar-loving heart flutter each time I see them. My uncle hopped in the driver’s seat so that I could get some pictures of them and next thing I know I was hanging out of the window of the Scamp looking a bit ridiculous. I plan on finding the owner of both of those cars and shaking their hands tomorrow.

As always, check out the gallery of pictures below!

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No matter what style you are into, there will be atleast a few cars on the tour that will align with what you see in your mind as the ideal car. If you have any questions about the cars, simply go ask and every person there will help you if they can. That’s the great thing about hot rodding and the Power Tour – you can see what other people have done, learn from their mistakes, and improve on how they did it with your car while still keeping it unique to you. We still have a few stops left, so if you are anywhere close to Memphis, Birmingham, Biloxi, or Baton Rouge, check out Hot Rod’s website for locations of the events.