Project 1955 Bel Air Rear End Finishing Touches

Installing The Rear Bumper, Emblem, and Tail Lights On Our 1955 Bel Air On our Project 1955 Bel Air, we have gotten the car out of paint jail and are excited to get this car back together! From our previous stories you can read all about building the chassis, suspension, brakes, etc. Now it's time to make this car look more like a '55 Bel Air! Our first order of … [Read more...]

Why Parts Don’t Fit!

Why Don't My Parts Fit? Restoring a classic car can be a very rewarding experience, and a frustrating one too. Seeing your vision come together is a great feeling, but sometimes installing replacement parts on can be frustrating. More often than not it seems like the parts are close, but just don't fit that well. These manufactures do know what they are building parts for … [Read more...]


This episode of The Muscle Car Place Podcast is a two for one show. Rob interviewed Brian Downard from Lokar Performance Products and talked about many cool products Lokar has out or is currently working on. They also discussed Brian's history in the automotive industry and traits Lokar looks for in it's employees. It was a great interview with a lot of insights on working in … [Read more...]

TMCP Podcast – SEMA MPMC: Classic Industries Resto Parts,Hedman Header,Superchips

This weeks podcast is out and it is packed with a lot of great stuff. Rob got the chance to attend the SEMA MPMC Media Trade Conference where he got to sit down and talk to aftermarket manufacturers about exciting upcoming products. He interviewed Ray Yeager and Ed Navarro from Classic Industries and Original Equipment Reproduction (OER). You may know them from the show Chop … [Read more...]