Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Six

We started off day six of the Hot Rod Power Tour in the same fashion as the rest of the days, heading south. This time we would hit our southern limit when we met the Gulf of Mexico in Gulfport, Mississippi. The venue was an old VA facility that is no longer in use. It actually made a great spot except for how troublesome it was for entry and exit. A couple of friends had … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Five

Day 5 into the Tour, we took some gorgeous back roads down through Tennessee into Mississippi. The Scamp was running fairly well and I was having some issues, until it shut down on me. Apparently when I put the new alternator on in Wisconsin, I overtightened the cable to the battery and it wallowed out the hole causing it to short out and burn through the wire. We got the … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Four

The fourth day of the Hot Rod Power Tour turned out to be a very awesome day. We had gorgeous views while cutting through the farmlands, burnout world records, racing and heat that would melt the tar off of the road. That last part may have included a touch of sarcasm, but oh well. Everything was awesome today until we got to the event. There, we searched all over for even the … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Three

The official third day of the Hot Rod Power Tour 2015 is over. We took a trip down historic Route 66 and through endless cornfields. I moved from Illinois a few years back and forgot just how much corn there is in the Prairie State. Although you may think field after field of corn would be boring, it isn’t when you’re in the middle of a couple thousand hot rods. Every … [Read more...]

NMCA Hotchkis AutoCross Coverage

The second of four stops for the Hotchkis Autocross series was in town this weekend in Fontana, CA at the NMCA Drag Race. We love this event as it draws a great crowd at a great venue - The California Speedway. This event is really gaining traction too - pun intended. Unfortunately for us, we weren't able to stay very long. But we did manage to get over there Saturday … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day Two

The first leg of the Power Tour showed to be very eventful just like the first leg always is. 59 South was clogged up with the HRPT cars, the Heidts stop was clogged, and the list goes on. Fortunately, everybody got on the road and then made it to safety before the storm hit. We’ve heard of a few stragglers, but it seems that everybody has made it! Each day the tour never fails … [Read more...]

Hot Rod Power Tour 2015: Day One

Here at Lateral-G, we are all about cars that can go fast, but can also be driven. The ultimate test of your car’s drivability is the Hot Rod Power Tour - a 1,500-mile trip in 7 days with thousands of hot rods and muscle cars tearing through the United States in a unit. If you can make the Long Haul as they call it, you should be fairly proud of yourself. This year, we … [Read more...]

Feeling the Pressure: Auto Meter’s New Gauges

Tire pressure is a critical component when racing. The difference between winning and losing a race could be a mere half pound of pressure in your tires. This is true in all forms of racing, from drag racing, to motocross even to your local autocross. Adjusting your tire pressure is an easy way to make quick changes to the handling of your car, and all you need is a simple tire … [Read more...]

Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge – Las Vegas

Last weekend marked the first Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge in Las Vegas, aside from the invitational held after SEMA. This event was number three of ten in the series and was held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a mecca of fuel burning fun in the Las Vegas area. Driving to Vegas is always an exciting trip, since it's only about four hours away. For roughly three solid … [Read more...]

Auto Meter Tire Pressure Gauge Giveaway!

Lateral-G has teamed up with Auto Meter to give away one of their new tire pressure gauges! You trust your motor to Auto Meter, why not your tires as well? These gauges feature the same precision you've come to expect from Auto Meter. The gauge also includes its own carrying case, perfect for leaving in your trunk. Winning is easy as: following @Lateral_G_Magazine on … [Read more...]