Year End Recap: Top 20 Stories

With 2016 coming to a close, we are already looking at 2017. This year was a great one for Lateral-G, and we wanted to take a quick look back before moving onto 2017. Without getting long-winded, here’s the Top 20 stories from 2016 on Lateral-G! Check it out and see if there are any that you may have missed or revisit your favorite.


20. May the Force of Induction Be With You

When you’ve reached the limits with a naturally aspirated engine, it’s time to get blown! Read as the folks at TorqStorm take a very healthy 440-horsepower SBC and boost it almost another 200-horsepower!

19. Fuel Injection Made Easy With FiTech EFI!

Think that converting your car from a carburetor to fuel injection is hard? Think again! FiTech makes it a simple process with their units.

18. Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge – New Orleans

After a bit of rain, the action heated up at the New Orleans stop for the Optima series!

17. Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge – Las Vegas

Sin City offered amazing racing! Being held on the same course as the Invitational, lots of people took this as an opportunity to get some seat time before the big event.


16. Five Gears To Freedom: Installing An Overdrive Transmission

The days of having a good excuse for not swapping to an overdrive transmission are over. In less than a day’s time we swapped a 5-speed into a Plymouth GTX, but the steps are the same for just about any swap.

15. Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge – Thunderhill

The 2016 season opener! We are only a few short months away from the 2017 season – we can’t wait.

14. Converting From Two Leaf Springs To A Four Link Coil-Over

The massive upgrade from a basic two leaf suspension to a coil-over four link suspension is documented right here.


13. Car Feature: Mario De Leon’s 1965 Mustang Fastback

This home built, family owned Mustang is a show stopper and a track rat. The best part is a blown SBF under the hood!

12. Mark Stielows Latest ’69 Camaro Project “Hellfire”

Reaching way back to 2014, this article shows off the humble beginnings of Stielow’s Hellfire Camaro.

11. Car Feature: John Boggio’s Red Hot 1965 Chevelle

This car was a literal show stopper for us, making us come back and track down John to find out more about the car. One of the nicest cars we have ever shot!


10. Bored and Stroked: 600HP LS3 Build – Part One

The beginning of our quest for a 600HP LS3 with great street manners. The entire build starts with a single box from Chevrolet Performance.

9. Jane Thurmond’s 1964 Corvette “Scarlett”

Check out Jane’s amazing ’64 Z06, with an LS under the hood and all the suspension goods to make her one person to not mess with on the track.

8. In The Raw: Ironworks Speed And Kustoms’ Fairway ’67 Camaro

No flashy paint or interior here yet – just a bad ass Camaro halfway completed. Packing an LT4 under the hood, when this car is complete it will be one of the nicest but also fastest cars on the road.


7. Grand National Roadster Show 2016

Taking a step away from the performance world and diving into the Hot Rod world, we checked out the Grand National Roadster Show to see miles of chrome.

6. Top Three Mistakes When Building A Pro Touring Car

What are some of the common and biggest mistakes when building a Pro Touring ride? Read on up to find out.

5. Could Oversized Wheels Soon Be Illegal?

Legislation attempted to take a stab at making oversized wheels illegal. This could effect almost every car on the road, but hopefully SEMA put an end to this non-sense.


4. Mike Cavanah’s 1969 Camaro Raises The Bar

Certainly one of, if not the baddest 1969 Camaro’s to ever hit the road. A car made to do everything, and do it well.

3. Best Cars For Pro Touring

A Camaro? Mustang? C-10? What is the best car for Pro Touring? We asked the industry experts and got their opinion.

2. James Otto’s 1966 Chevy C-10 “For Pete’s Sake”

After receiving the truck from Grandpa Pete, country-singer James Otto wanted to restore the truck. Before he finished, the Pro Touring bug bit him hard!

1. Is “Built Not Bought” Ruining The Hobby?

And finally, our most read story of the year. Take a look as we really explore the term “built not bought” and how it’s really a saying that is total non-sense.